At Wayanad Coffee Trail Resort, one of best resorts/hotels in Wayanad for accommodation, provides you all you need for that perfect break. You can enjoy a relaxing stay amidst the valleys of Wayanad and at the same time you can enjoy some adventure activities in Wayanad that you might need to make your holidays memorable.


Archery is a sport that require a steady hand, good aim and concentration. Stemming back to ancient time's, archery was a vital necessity when it came to survival. But in the modern times, it is mainly used as a competitive sport and recreational activity.

Our expert tutors will provide you with all the tuition you need to hit the target every time. We supply you bow and arrows and all safety equipment. If you are a person who enjoys target-orientated activities then, archery at Wayanad Coffee Trail Resort is the ultimate sport for you.

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