Chembra Peak-Ideal Place for Trekking in Wayanad

       Wayanad is a place of charming beauty situated on the north eastern region of Kerala. The tallest peak in the Wayanad district Chembra Peak (ചെമ്പ്ര കൊടുമുടി) at 2,100 m (6,890 ft) above sea level lives up to its billing of being a beautiful location. It has managed to maintain its perfect nature over the years offers an up close view of rare flora and fauna. One can come across many exotic species in these parts and the peak itself has a brilliant view along with waterfalls and lush greenery the whole way. The place comprises of some exotic locations and sights to behold as well as excellent opportunities for trekking and other adventure activities.

The route Chembra is located near the town of Meppadi and is 8 km (5 mi) south of Kalpetta. It is part of the Wayanad hill ranges in Western Ghats, adjoining the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu and Vellarimala in Kozhikode district in Kerala. It is the highest and the largest peak in Western Ghats of India in between Nilgiris and Himalayas. From the town of Meppady you can reach the peak through walking. Visits to this peak organized by ‘the Chempra Peak VSS’ under the control of South Wayanad Forest Development Agency. Chembra Peak is a beautiful delight and prime spot for trekking. The peak, its surrounding lush greenery and the famed heart-shaped lake make it a paradise for travellers to explore. The peak is famous among trekkers for providing an awesome one day trekking experience with relatively low cost on energy and pocket. This part of the state allowing one to discover the glories of nature, the wealth of biodiversity in the region and explore one’s lust for the outdoors. Permission from the forest office in Meppadi is required for trekking up to Chembra Peak.

A heart-shaped perennial lake, nearly 1,100 m above sea level on the way to the top of the peak is a major tourist attraction. The lake where drinking water is available from the nearby springs throughout the year is believed to have never dried up. This lake is known as ‘hridhayathadakam’.You can find the lake halfway to the peak, after getting to the lake need to trek through about a km or two of dense trees. A 5 km (3 mi) journey from Meppadi town through tea estates to Erumakkolli.Earlier, the Forest Department had allowed trekking to the pinnacle but, now it is restricted up to the perennial lake owing to the ecological significance of the region.

If you are an admirer of soothing natural beauty and if you love to have an adventure trip, then Chembra Peak in Wayanad will be a perfect stop for you. The peak is visible from almost all parts of Wayanad.From the top of the peak; you will get wondered by seeing the whole Wayanad. You can also see Kozhikode, Malappuram and Niligiri districts from here. There are numerous peaks nearby Chembra peak. But it is difficult to climb into those, as they are covered with dense forests. Chembra Peak is worth visiting all year around. But it might be good, if you avoid the place on rainy season, as the descent can be quite slippery during heavy monsoon seasons. There are lots of bus services, both government and private, to reach Chembra. Ecological and wildlife experts in the State have for long been demanding a sanctuary by incorporating the forest stretch on the Chembra and Camel Hump Mountains to conserve the rare flora and fauna of the region. You will get amazed with the enthralling beauty of the nature here.

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