At Wayanad Coffee Trail Resort, we have everything to make your holidays memorable and awesome. The adventure activities at our Resort, one of the best hotel/resort in Wayanad is organised for all that adrenaline junkies. This is the right place to try out your capabilities and confidence.

Burma Bridge

The Burma Bridge adventure activity at Wayanad Coffee Trail Resort is an exciting fun activity for those who want to try something new. The Burma Bridge consists of a long thick rope for walking upon that is suspended at a height, and two ropes to hold on to maintain balance. The bridge stretches across a gorge. You can cross the bridge once you put on the harness and connect yourself to the safety rope. You will really enjoy crossing the 40-metre suspended bridge. One does not need any training to try out this.

Crossing the Burma Bridge is a check to your power. The bridge swings slightly making it a challenge to balance, as you walk. Your focus should always be on placing your foot confidently over the rope. This activity challenges your confidence and balancing capabilities. So, gear up for the Burma Bridge activity in Wayanad.

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