Wayanad is a land of lush meadows, pristine hills, and a serene landscape where you can relax in the comfort and luxury of the cottages in Wayanad Coffee Trail Resort. But as well you can gear up for an exciting adventure with a fun and enthralling commando net in Wayanad.

Commando Net

Commando Net is an exciting adventurous activity in Wayanad which you can try out when you stay at Coffee Trail Resort. Commando Net has been used for decades as a training aid by the military. If you are tough enough, then you can also learn how commandos cross an obstacle by climbing across net.

Climbing commando net is also quite adventurous. It is a favourite outdoor activity in a variety of summer camps and preferred by both children and adults. Commando net is all about balance building and coordination. The right climbing can be learned if you know how weight is balanced. This can be a great form of exercise and is a great activity to test your endurance and strength. Try out Commando Net at Wayanad Coffee Trail Resort while you enjoy a pleasant stay with us.

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