Wayanad is well known for trekking and adventure activities. The activities start from visiting Banasura Sagar Dam, the largest dam in the country and the second largest in Asia, the archaic Edakkal Caves with ancient rock art, Chembara Peak, Kuruvadweep, Soochipara Falls, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Papanasini and more. This places to visit in Wayanad will introduce the mesmeric beauty of the dense forests, hillocks, swaying paddies and unhindered beauty of Wayanad.

Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves, which in the local language means, 'a stone in between' is famous for its exquisite rock and wall carvings. These are not technically caves, but rather a cleft or rift approximately 96 ft in length and 22 ft by width, a 30-ft-deep fissure caused by a piece of rock splitting away from the main body. On one side of the cleft is a rock weighing several tons that covers the cleft to form the 'roof'. This is what gives it an appearance of a cave.

The carvings on the cave are human and animal figures, tools used by humans and symbols yet to be deciphered, suggesting the presence of a prehistoric settlement. There are many myths regarding the gigantic fissure. It is said that Lord Rama (an avatar of the Hindu God, Vishnu) himself shot an arrow at the mountain which left a deep cleft there. The locals consider the cave sacred and many idols can be seen around the place. The Edakkal caves are of historical and archaeological significance as it has carvings that date back to the Neolithic era, the late Stone Age and are the only known examples from South India. Enjoy a visit to Edakkal Caves while you stay at our hotel in Wayanad.

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