There are some things you must not miss out during your stay at our hotel in Wayanad. The Outdoor activities arranged at our resort in Wayanad are preferred by both children and adults. These activities are sure to be a lot of fun and will be an ideal getaway for those who want to be away from the urban life.

Swinging Valley Crossing

Perfect as an introductory adventure, Swinging Valley Crossing has a psychological application in boosting confidence and courage. This Swinging Valley Crossing activity is a one of a kind activity which offers thrills like never before.

This adventure activity involves crossing a valley 30 - 35 metres long and which is at a height of 10 - 15 metres from ground. You can cross the valley once our guides ensure that you are connected to a safety rope and wears the safety equipment. So, you can have fun and experience the thrill without any worries while you stay at our hotel in Wayand.

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